Element Of Art: Color

By: Helena Slaughter 

This image here by Xu Lei would represent an analogous picture because you can see that the colors are mixing well together, or they are harmonizing. The colors here are like a blue green, light blue, and green. So these colors would sit next to each other on the color wheel.
This image here would represent primary triadic. As you can see in the picture, there are the primary colors red, yellow, and blue. This image also show different shades of these colors. Some are just the pure color or they are a little lighter.
This picture of this red and white room would represent monochromatic. This is because it focuses on one color, red.
This image here has the color element of tertiary triadic. The way this element is being used is that you can see the red and the purple being used in one cube or square in the image.
This image shows the element of secondary triadic. You can see most of the secondary colors like orange, green, and purple. There are also some spots with red, orange, and blue shading on the sides of the image.
This image shows teradic. The color that is used the most or that is taking up most of the image is yellow-green. It also has complementary colors so that the picture comes together. This type of picture would be considered "loud" because of the colors that are used.
This image is using complementary colors. The complementary colors are red, green, blue, orange, yellow, and purple. The colors are seen in the background and the dress. Other colors that are used in the dress are also yellow and purple.
This picture can represent split complementary. Split complementary colors are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. The colors used in this image are orange,blue , and green. They aren't exactly adjacent to one another but they are close to it.
This image represents warm colors. This image has different variations of red and orange, and these colors are warm colors. The background is like a light hue of orange and on his neck is the dark shade of red. Warm colors are used to show an exciting tone and you can see that from the man's expressions.
This picture shows cool colors. Cool colors are mostly blue and green. This picture shows a great use of blue-green and green. In this picture the boy starts to fade and that is what cool colors do. You can see most of the green is in the center of the picture and then it starts to fade then you can start to see the blue-green.
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