TWO WORLDS - Jonathan Miranda

Are people born evil or do we just become bad by the choices we make? I believe that in order for us to determine this, we must put ourselves in a position that tests our moralities. These painting convey evil in it's purest form, and good in its entirety. They show balance. They express love, hate and neutrality. 

The artist depicts evil attacking innocence through religious figures. The angel is there protecting the young boy from the horrors about to pass. This shows a clear distinction of good vs evil.
Mythology depicts Thor, The God of Lightning fighting evil with his mighty hammer. the lighting bolt and hammer suggest that this is the god himself protecting his world. Sending the bad back.
When looking at this painting I can't help but feel sorrow and misery. I feel as though I have just escaped an evil place and am now looking back. The color being used emphasizes these feelings.
This painting is primarily using dark colors. The angel leaving can be seen as evil finally overcoming good. The use of religious icons depict the battle between god and the devil.
This piece uses perspective to show the enlargement of the room. This leaves the question, is the world falling apart? Or is the line between reality and the unknown being torn apart.
This depiction of two opposites use contrast to show the difference between the sun and the moon. The man in the middle could symbolize balance between the two.
This sketch uses symmetrical pattern to create a balance scale. When looking at this sketch, which side to imagine weighing down more? The answer you choose can determine personality characteristics.
This painting uses perspective to show the Palazzo Publico of Sienna. This image is dated to have been in the times of 1909. This shows a peaceful place that is beautiful and bright with easy feeling.
This uses color to show two polar opposites. Black and White. These shades are often interpreted as good vs evil, man vs women, etc. The way the paint's splashed and can be seen as the fight among it.
This painting tells the story of survivors. This one is a particularly powerful piece, it shows the power of will and the strength of survival. It shows youth working to continue living.
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