Art and architecture from Washington d.c.

older version of the Capitol Building.
The Architect of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers was Lorimer Rich. The tomb only holds remains for few soldiers but represents all the others that have not been identified. It is made out of neoclassical pilasters, wreaths and Grecian figures
This was also called Freedman's Memorial. This was designed and sculpted by Thomas Ball. The monument was cast in 1875 in Munich before being shipped to Washington.
Neoclassical architecture was used for the capitol building. It is five levels and covers approximately 16 and one half acres. The building contains 540 rooms and 658 windows. The building was started in 1793 and has been rebuilt, burnt, restored, and extended. Several different architects worked on the building.
Ford Theater re-opened in 1968 after 100 years of being closed - it was closed since 1865. It was originally constructed using brick. There was a lot of work that had to be done to the building when reconstructing it to re-open.
The Kennedy Center opened in 1971 as it took 40 years of planning. The Architect was Edward Durrell Stone out of New York. The building is 100 feet high, 300 feet wide, 630 feet long. The building was designed as a box to give additional layer for noise.
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