The Gallery of Perspective

This gallery is a collection of art that showcases perspective.

This picture is a fine example of how perspective can draw a persons eye inward.
This work of art shows great detail that shrinks and appears more distant because it follows the principle of perspective.
Perspective from many sources can create wonderful and realistic angles on scenes and artwork.
Simply adding perspective to any scene or medium can make it look real to an observer.
Even strange, two dimensional artwork can exhibit perspective in detail.
Perspective is not always linear and is not always realistic. This artwork is a fine example of that.
Perspective can entertain when it is used to confuse or surprise an observer. 
This artwork shows perspective in it's basic form.
This piece shows linear perspective in reality.
This painting uses perspective to build walls that drive the eyes away and try to make the viewer focus on the scene and not the scenery.
Perspective is used to make consistent detail and patterns in artwork.
Perspective welcomes its viewers into its center and gives you a perception of what is up from down and left from right.
Perspectives, in art, that follow the length, width, and depth that is found in reality can come across as a more realistic picture.
Basic perspective not only adds depth, but also adds lays and layers of detail for the imagination of an onlooker.
Perspective is found everywhere in real life. Artwork that depicts life must feature perspective to achieve that goal.
Credits: All media
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