Greek Mythology, A short study

This Gallery demonstrates the Greek citizen’s way of showing respect to the gods of their time through the use of art work. Art work shown is a combination of pieces taken from temples, or from within the homes of everyday Greek citizens showing their respect. This exhibit contains a multitude of mediums, ranging from vases to actual friezes used on the outer façade of temples to the gods.

This image depicts the demigod Hercules fighting the hydra. This popular battle is shown on a golden plate displaying it's importance, and presents one of the more famous greek mythological battles.
This relief is a piece of carved stone that was used on the outer facade of a temple as a decorative form of worship. you can see Achilles and Thetis displaying their importance to the Greeks.
Satyrs and Nymphs are known for mischief and partying. This is why they are depicted on the wine cup, the gods present their importance in every part of the Greek Mythology.
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love. She is shown here as a statuette displaying her importance. This piece could fit within any home.
This is not a god, it is a worshipper from Crete. This serves as a reminder that everyone comes to worship the gods and that Greece is the center point of holiness for the Greek gods.
The Vase depicts a group of gods from Greek Mythology. The way this is painted was very common in this time making this vase very popular.
This dish is more ceremonial than a basic dish a person would eat off. It shows Apollo, one of the famous Greek mythological characters in a natural surroundings.
Similar to another image, this also depicts Hercules in one of his famous battles. Here he is killing a bull from Crete with some people watching to see his amazing talents.
This sculpture was inside the parthenon. It shows a centaur, a mythological beast that is half man and half horse-like creature. It is craved out of stone.
This is another example of a frieze used to facade a building. This has been pieced together and shows what appears to be a battle, this is located at the temple of Apollo.
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