words of nature - carl jefferson

This gallery includes representations of what nature means and the thoughts of how nature speaks to people. The wonders of nature through the eyes of the artists trying to figure out the illusion they have created. Showing art paintings of animals and nature, the beauty behind what other see that we don’t.

This Art piece represents the animals of Noah’s arc, as they are getting ready to aboard. This picture shows how free peaceful animals can be, all of them are together and at peace. The colors in this painting are very wonderful they did a good job at combining the analogous colors making the picture look more peaceful.
This Art piece represents the animal’s knowledge as the animals gather around to listen to the stories of a wise crow. A story told to a prince as a traditional and way to him of the elements of wise statecraft and the pitfalls of human nature. This painting is using variety to manipulate your eyes all around the painting. As you see the peacefulness of the animals as they listen to the story.
This Art piece represents the simplicity of nature as you look around the painting it makes you feel warm and at easy with it, kind of reminds you of paradise. Color and Varity were also use in this painting. This artist sees nature as a way to escape from reality.
This artist of this piece has a very amazing imagination and love for nature, landscape and shoes. As the sun set in this beautiful painting, I felt as if the paining was very sad. A lot of patterns and rhythm are in the picture all the way down to the grass.
This Art piece represents a black and white cockatoo almost like yin & yang. Some believe animals and nature balance out the planet and keeps things equal which is shown very well in this picture of the black and white bird so different but still the same. The space and value in this piece are very well done as well as you can see the vast background and the darkness of the fog.
This Art piece is showing elephants captured in Masaai Mara Kenya. This abstract painting makes the elephants, sun, and trees look as if they are moving along with the wind. The bold color of orange and yellow brushed through the makes the sun look like fire. The elephant so big they are almost touching the sky. This paint is very amazing.
This painting is very beautiful the warm orange sunset color that fills over the whole painting is amazing. The Space, color and lines in the piece combing so well and create such an amazing view it almost doesn’t look like a painting but a beautiful picture. Truly nature at its most peaceful, texture is used to as you can see great depth and beyond in this piece.
This painting is a representation of family and love that can be shown not just by humans but also nature and animals. Movement is a key part in the piece as the wind blows the grass and flowers, while the cubs play around and eat, patterns are also use on the blue flowers and the little foxes.
This painting is a representation of nature and how artist concentrate more on light and color then the subject. The color combination is really good and draws your attention with the help of the light line beaming into the water. There is a little bit of depth as you can see beyond the trees.
This painting is showing a combination of nature, humans, and animals with a very large depth of space and slight color. The harmony of the three things represented in the painting brings it together more. This artist sees the beauty not just in nature or animals but all.
Credits: All media
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