Sunsets and Silhouette Dreams

Sunsets and silhouette dreams is a collection about one element of nature, water, through different perspectives depicted by artists through multiple mediums of art and style. From serenity and bliss to troubled waters and sorrow. The subjects are multiple scenarios of the known and unknown occurring in or next to the beach or ocean.  

MIGISHI painted the sea, sky, sandy beach, shells and a nude woman with face hidden in a simple form. The painting has a daydream-like feel because of the light color palette. It has a strong contrast as we can see the deep shadow underneath the woman. In this piece we can see freedom and serenity with the warm tone of noon.
The artist depicted the solid masses of cliffs and rock formations over the restless sea. The use of color and stroke, Monet achieved the contrast need for the mood and tone of the painting. The cliffs have dense strokes of deep shadowed tones, while short broken lighter tones in the horizon. In this painting we can see the shades of colors in the combination of various elements of nature.
He effectively used the golden ratio and divided the picture into zones of light and shadow. It has an indigenous and exotic feel, as you can see a fox in the bottom of the painting and an eagle on the top left side balances the painting. It has an amazing perspective and gentle lighting. The painting gives an urge to explore and a sense of bliss, becoming one with nature.
The legendary tritons depicted in the painting live both on land and at sea. The Mythological subjects seem surrounded by tranquility in an intimate setting. The color scheme Rupert Bunny chose creates a twilight ambience with opaque and dark colors reflected in the flesh tones. This painting is a different perspective of a sunset, a time period were mythological creatures that inhabit the world. Gives a sense of mystery and adventure.
Venus is depicted in the water next to a shell that identifies her as the goddess of love as said by the legend of her birth. In the painting she is shown wringing her hair in a classical pose, painted through the classical Renaissance ideal of beauty. The subject in the painting is a dream of many that gives a sense of desire and peace in dark days.
In this port, grand ships sail through tranquil waters. The large yacht fires his cannons announcing the arrival of a dignitary to the port. The painter mastered the details, the optical effect of reflections and contrast between lighter tones in the horizon and darker tones in the foreground. In this painting we can see power and dominance of the seas by the human.
Constable depicted the mood and tone of a stormy sea through a heavy bank of rain clouds with dark shadows and agitated waters on the bottom. The dark atmosphere clearly resembles a storm but it also reflects an emotional status. In this painting we can see troubled waters and a sense of sorrow.
The subject is a silhouetted profile of a courtesan staring at the sea during sunset. Fisherman, boats and the sun can bee seen in the background of the painting and a light on top of it. She looks at the horizon in a concern or thoughtful manner.
In the foreground of the painting a flock of sheep in a meadow near the water. The ambience is a tranquil sunset next to the ocean. The artist patiently waited for the right moment demonstrating commitment to her craft and the nature of it. The painting has a sense of calmness in an intimate scenario.
This art piece was made with household objects resembling classical art in a technology heavy world. Picnic on the Ocean represents the elimination of a cultural barrier between humans. Its symmetry reflects the natural balance of life. This art piece resembles a new hope for humanity through union.
Credits: All media
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