Wonders of the universe-(Zachary Hurley)

This gallery showcases pieces of art that depict outer space, planets, stars and other celestial objects.

This is a photograph of Earth taken from the surface of the moon. It is truly a visual spectacle to behold and really transports the viewer allowing them to see our beautiful home planet from another point of view. The use of color here is exceptional omitting any stars to leave nothing but the empty blackness of space and emphasize the focus which is Earth.
Here is a very striking piece of art depicting a shepherd in the night walking under the moon and a blanket of stars. There is a heavy use of a lot of dark colors here such as black, brown and red while the emphasis is on the moon which lights up the sky and allows the shepherd to see.
Clearly this is a piece that everyone is familiar with and for good reason. This famous depiction of the moon and stars by Van Gogh is truly a sight to behold. A spellbinding use of blues, whites and yellows capture the essence of a starry night while the town painted below remind us of the scale and majesty of the universe.
This particular painting depicts a wonderful constellation of stars in an array of colors. It does a fantastic job of capturing the depth and diversity of the astrological wonders known as stars. The use of circular patterns here are emphasized to enhance the spectacle of the piece.
Here is a subtle yet brilliant interpretation of the moon at night. A simple farmer walks through his cornfield at night while a crescent moon high in the sky sheds a bit of light on the rolling hills in the distance. A marvelous landscape painted in oranges and browns emphasize the bright white moon.
Here is a very intriguing piece of art that instantly draws the eye in. A boy dressed in red hides behind a mound of grass in what appears to be a desert landscape set to a star spangled sky which takes up most of the picture. A feeling of mystery surrounds this boy much like the mystery and wonder we all feel looking up at the stars at night. The emphasis here is the boy but one cannot help but star into the beautiful blue night sky.
A deceivingly simple image of a full moon. The focus here is very clear and very minimal. However, the execution of this painting is what is so well done. A masterful use of light and dark blues place much emphasis on the moon which so effectively lights up the night sky.
This is such an incredible photograph of Earth emphasized against the black emptiness of space. There is so much detail to behold in this image of our tiny little planet for an acute observer. Obviously we can see the clouds and deep blue oceans. However, upon closer analysis one can see a strikingly amount of detail in the diverse landscape of the continent of Africa.
This I found to be a very interesting and particularly creative piece especially considering the method by which it was made. This image is actually made up of various pieces of plastic, aluminum and LED lights. The use of very defined blue, red, green, yellow and orange lights and shapes do a great (albeit cartoonish) job of capturing the stars and planets.
This interpretation of the moon I found to be truly captivating. What a unique and magnificent take on the surface of the moon. So many brilliant colors make up this image and the use of warmer colors for the surface and cooler colors for the craters is truly inspired. This painting is so full of life and wonder it is truly breathtaking.
Credits: All media
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