Women in Western Art

My art gallery, 'Women in Western Art' shows a wide range of portraits of Women in Western Art from different Era's. It is also to show the different techniques and skills developed and changed over a period of time. E.g: The brush strokes, the colours in the painting and the position of the women.

This portrait is from the era, 'Medieval Civilisation'. The brush strokes that are used are gentle and help to show a lot of detail in the women. The colour of her skin and her hat bring 'her' forward in the painting to create what is called is a 3D effect. This happens because her skin and her hat are creamy and the background is a deep sea blue.
The sculpture 'Alexander the Great taming Bucephalus' is from the era, 'Prehistoric Era'. This sculpture shows an amazing amount of detail in each of the women carved into this piece of 'rock'. Each of the four women in this sculpture seem to be in a different position. The picture in the middle of the sculpture seems to be the focus point in this piece of work.
This portrait of 'Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange, nee de Parseval' is from the era, 'The Renaissance' The dark shadow at the top of the portrait that blends down and around the women to a lighter colour, may symbolise that the artist wants you to focus on the women. The way the women is sitting forward on her chair and holding a cat could be that she may be powerful in some way. There is also an extreme amount of detail in this portrait to create a 3D effect .
The portrait 'Marie Leszczinska, queen of France' is from the era 'The Great Divide'. The colours on the women's dress direct our focus to her. This is because the women is wearing a bright/lightly coloured dress. Which stands out more from the dark shadowed background. All the accessories in this portrait compliment each other. All of them belong in the picture, they all fit in there one way or another.
The portrait 'Mrs Woodhull' is from the era, 'Ancient Civilisation'. The background in this painting seems to be the focus as well as the women herself. The dull browny green colours in the background bring the women in the painting forward. This is because the women is wearing pastel colours that are bright. Also the patch of light directly behind her in-between the trees adds more layers and depth to the painting. There is also a lot of detail with in this portrait.
The portrait 'Dolley Madison' is from the era, 'The New World'. The colours used in the portrait are simple yet effective. The red shawl that she is wearing creates a warm feeling. Also the background of the painting is divided by a dark brown shadow and a section of light golden brown, to show which direction the light is coming from.
The portrait 'Madame Cezanne in Blue' is from the era, ' Modern Era'. The colours in this portrait are basically different shades and tinges of blue. The brush strokes in this painting make the women blend in with the background to create a 2D effect. The painting style used shows the same amount of detail in the women as in the background.
The photograph 'Pia Zadora' is from the era, 'Postmodernism'. This photograph shows a contrast of colours. The white paleness if the background is the same colour as her face. The red lips and the different toned brown hair help to separate the background from the face. Which helps to make the women's face standout more in the photograph so the focal point is the women.
Credits: All media
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