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This gallery consists of vibrant photography. I chose color for my google art assignment. This photography in this gallery is by Jeonghwa Choi and Vermer Panton. I chose this topic because I love photography and these neon images caught my eye as I was browsing through Google Art.

This photo that consists of neon pink and green stuck out while browsing. The Pyramid shapes stick out, creating a pop of the neon, causing you to almost forget about the backdrop of nature.
This photo titled "Hubble Bubble" reminds me of Chinese lanterns. The neon green hanging bubbles create a colorful fill in the center of the picture. It really draws yours attention to the detail of the objects. The lighting and shading really gives a vibrant 3D effect.
This photograph by Choi, Jeonghwa consists of neon banners draped across the front of a building in Berlin, Germany. The purple and blue on each side, weave across through the red ribbon. The ribbons in this picture really stand out, almost to the point where you forget there is a building behind it
This photograph titled 'Happy Happy" consists of multi colored balloons in one giant bunch. This image is very vibrant with the center consisting of bright colors and the surrounding much darker. The wave of each balloon gives a detailed effect of the photograph., 
I thought this photograph titled "Art Clock Tower" by Vermer Panton was pretty cool looking and caught my eye. The whole tower is made up of neon metal circles. The clock itself almost looks like the face of a wristwatch. 
This is my favorite piece of photography in this assignment, "In The Mood For Love" by Choi, Jeonghwa really stood out with the neon pink and green backdrop. These vertical "bead" glass pipe looking objects in the center give a 3D effect as well. The color spectrum in this photo really creates a vibrant color spectrum.
This colorful Chandelier is really cool as well. The white tips on the flower pedals create a 3D effect. I feel that this photo really stands out because of the HD of the camera, the reflection on the berries really pop.
This Photo is another favorite. I think that the lighting on the walls contribute to the color standing out. The gloss on the floor, tables and chairs also causes the photo to vibrantly stand out 
The "Flower Tree" by Choi is another common look to his photography. The flower tree in the center  really stands out because of the position between the two trees and the color spectrum of the sky flowing from dark blue  to a whiter light blue. 
This "Marie Antoinette" photo is very vibrant as well. The reflection of the lighting from all sides really makes this photo stand out.This photo has a nice flow as well. The light purple on the top flows into a glossy darker purple.
This photo is really cool. The neon blocks in the center create a focus point. The Unbrellas towards the bottom create a 3D effect. The vibrant colors really make you forget that this photo was taken outside, infront of buildings.
"Happy Together" looks like its just another angle of the previous image "In The Mood For Love"  These vertical "bead" glass pipe looking objects in the center give a 3D effect as well. The color spectrum in this photo really creates a vibrant color spectrum.
This "Red Cat Party" photo really stands out from the dark surrounding. I draws your attention to the center with the vertical neon objects. 
This "Site of Desire" photo creates a distinct profile of a man walking in front of the red backdrop. This  backdrop is kind of hard to make out what it is exactly.
This high definition photograph titled "RED" really stands out with the red flowers. The lighting of the sun really brings out the color in the flowers. The color flows dark from bottom to bright on top.
Credits: All media
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