Goldie - dylan seward 

This collection of works displays multiple mediums such as paintings, sculptures, and fashion. The focus of my gallery Gold and how the precious metal is associated with wealth, grandeur, prosperity, and glamour. Gold is believed to increase personal wisdom, wealth, success and prosperity. Here you will see work with different elements of value, texture, and shape.

This is a gold Spacer Bead inscribed for King Aramatelgo. you can see that this was crafted in a geometric way and inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs. I picked this piece because it shows the gold was worn by the king in high power around 560 B.C.E.
Here is a solid gold crown. The Gold crown is to be worn by the king or queen to represent their power. This crown has a more natural feel. The tips of the crown are made to look like leaves while in the middle there seems to be two animals one male on one female to represent the royal family. In the middle there is a cross to represent their religion .
This Gold coin was currency back around 320 BC. On this coin Alexander III is inscribed on one side. It is a round shape and the texture is very rough. This version of the coin with two sides inscribed has been the cornerstone to how coins are made today, one side heads, one side tails.
This Gold ring was crafted around 500 BC. This ring has an oval face plate with Egyptian hieroglyphs. This signet ring was made of solid gold and worn by someone of the upper class in Egypt at the time. The texture on the face plate would be rough from the inscribing but the overall makeup of the ring is very smooth.
Here is an ancient painting done to depict the Paragons of Dynasties and Xianyang palace. In this painting the entire background is painted in gold representing the royal power of the Xianyang palace. Its as though the city was floating in gold clouds. There is movement in the painting like it is telling a story.
This ring was made around 575 BC and made out f solid gold. The shape is a perfect circle while the texture of the ring may be a little rough due to the inscribing going around the entire ring. This is excellent craftsmanship for this time period.
This is a Mummy decorated in gold. The ancient Egyptians were firm believers in preparing the bodies for the afterlife and the higher up in power they were, the more decorated their burial ceremony. This mummy has a solid gold face that was made to represent the king it looked like inside.
This is an ancient funerary mask made out of solid gold. This is a sculpted plate with basic. The lines are not very even. the ears seem to be facing the opposite way and the eyes seem to be closed while his mouth is wide open showing all of the teeth.
This was a gold Pelisse coat was amde in the 16th century for King Matthais I. This coat was actually made in a Salmon color but it eventually faded to gold. There is a harmonious floral pattern on the coat to give it a nice texture. with the back of the coat being longer than the front.
The Winged Isis pectoral pendant was made around 520 BC in Egypt. This was made in the Napatan Period. crafted with balance and equality. giving representation to their God. They did a great job at adding texture to the wings on the pendant.
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