Renaissance Perspective 

Jessica Micale, period: 4

Modernist: Modern artistic philosophy and practice Maculate: Spotted, stained, blotched Dabber: soft pad that is used in etching Meander: winding and turning, random course Carding: combing out fibers with a wire brush
Mindscape: A mental scene of imagination; memories go with the fantasy, can be depicted in artwork Transcend: To go beyond the range or limits of. Allegory: A picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning Disposition: An artwork's quality of character, how something is arranged in relation to other things. Celluclay: A material available in powered form, and used in paper mache.
Pochoir: Print made by stencils Bland: artwork without impact or strength Abbozzo: First sketch done on canvas. Abrade: Wear away by friction. Negative Space: empty space in the artwork
Central Perspective: Governed by a single vanishing point Receding Lines: Perpendicular to plane of projection Spatial Relationships: How space is perceived in the artwork through specific placing Central point: One point perspective Greco-Roman antiquity: Influential in art, shows interest in scuplture, buildings and the classics of Latin literature
Distance: How far away something is in relation to something else. Impression: The effect the art has on the viewer Linear perspective: Illusion of space on flat surface Illusion: Wrongly perceived by senses. Scene design: the enviorment seen by the viewer
Ideal variants: The best items, colors or objects that can be placed together in relation to one another Spatial Organization: An orderly way of presenting details. They are arranged specifically and non-randomly. Parallel perspective:parallel lines of the object that are perpendicular to the drawing surface are represented as meeting at a point on the horizon line Iconology: branch of knowledge which deals with the subject of icons or images in relation to art. Field of view: A background area or entire plane often of one color or texture.
Credits: All media
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