Explorations of Space & The Galaxy - Malcom Smith

The theme of this Art Gallery is the subject of space and representations of the galaxy. The Works of art present portray an element of space such as planets and stars, as well as themes that evoke the feeling of space exploration and discovery. This includes various mediums and art styles that all relate to the main theme of space and the galaxy.

This still life depicts a combination of real planets in conjunction with average every-day spherical objects that evoke qualities of a planet, adding to the theme of space and our galaxy.
This sculpture aims to depict the galaxy as a fractured and non-linear expansion. This representation fits the theme of the galaxy following a spiral and unexpected path.
This silver neckpiece is very representative of planets spread out in the solar system. It's organic nature depicts the theme of a galaxy that forms in a natural and unpredictable pattern.
This piece depicts a lonely dog traveling through outer space, adding to the theme of space exploration. Historically, this relates to early Soviet Union space exploration through the use of animals.
This sand sculpture presents imagery of Soviet era space accomplishments. This artwork pulls from historically significant events to build upon the theme of human space exploration and discovery.
This ceramic wall depicts a circular spiral surrounded by rocks and pebbles. This is a great portrayal of a star in the center of the galaxy with planets and asteroids rotating around the center.
This abstract oil painting depicts the swirling asteroids and stars across the landscape of outer space. This painting fits the overall theme of the visual stimulation of space and the galaxy.
This piece depicts a flock of sleeping sheep and a shepherd looking up to the moon and stars. This evokes the theme of human curiosity with the unknown nature of space and the elements surrounding it.
This mural incorporates various elements of space and human interaction in order to create a creatively unique abstract representation. The theme depicted is the random and unpredictable nature of space.
This piece is an abstract image of colorful swirls that vaguely portray the image of a night sky with stars in planets in sight. The shapes and form of this artwork evoke the visual themes of space.
Credits: All media
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