Egyptian Art

Virtually explore ancient Egyptian art threw my art gallery full of beautiful pictures and wonderful descriptions.

The Hippopotamus symbolizes afterlife. This sculpture is extremely special because the body is decorated with black outlines, including big eyes, baring teeth, lotus flowers, and small birds that represent its natural habitat.
This piece of art created by limestone has very little information about it, even the artist is unknown.
This sculpture is made by leaded bronze.The sacred Ibis bird gets its name from the ancient cult of Thoth, the moon god. The Thoth symbolizes wisdom. Therefore, the Ibis bird is believed to be the inventor of writing.
Ink and pigment was used to illuminate a map of the Nile River on European paper.
Using Ink, the artist depicted figures walking in the desert with a stepped pyramid in the background. There is a man riding a camel in the lower right and figures walking on the left.
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