Cultural Achievements of African Americans

By: Ava Caputo

Jazz and the blues were a popular form of music in Harlem, New York.
He appeared in "The Crisis." In 1925 he won a poetry prize from "Opportunity" magazine. He is a leading writer in American literature, as well as an activist.
He co-wrote a song which became the anthem of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He also organized anti-lynching activities.
She wrote pamphlets which defended blacks. She talked about violence and lynching. She helped organize the National Association of Colored Women and the National Association of Colored People.
William Henry Johnson was an art teacher at the Harlem Community Art Center His works showed segregation and the treatment of African Americans.
Marcus Garvey believed that gathering black people together was important for race pride. He held conventions and parades.
African Americans often looked to dance to get away from the economic realities. Some people held "rent parties." The party was full of music and dance.
Palmer Hayden is known for his folklore art. Here he portrays a religious part of life in Harlem.
In Palmer Hayden's works, he was the first African American to show the experiences of African Americans through art. His works showed what daily life was like.
Concerts were very popular in the summer. They were held in parks for open space. Parks were the center of society.
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