My art gallery has a common theme and that is wheat. I chose wheat as a focus because I grew up farming winter wheat and have seen painting before this class depicting farming of wheat. My gallery goes in chronological order. First with a peasant spreading manure into the field, then plowing, then harvesters coming into a field, a winnowing fan (used for harvest), and finally a depiction field during harvest.

This piece of art shows a man spreading manure on the fields. Manure is a viable source of nutrients that are needed for growth. In general, the more nutrients supplied the greater the yield.
Fotunato Depero shows the a man behind a bull pulling a plow. I decided to include this piece, because after spreading manure, it is best if the farmer can plow the nutrients into the ground so they wont be lost.
This is a depiction of the harvesters coming into the fields. Before modern machinery, farming was extremely hard labor.
This is winnowing fan, not used today in our society. A winnowing fan is used to separate grain for plant. Today we have much more technologically advanced equipment, which saves time and labor.
Vincint van Gogh shows a farm during harvest. This painting is special to me, because I find a field of wheat to be one of the most beautiful sights to see.
Credits: All media
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