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FA 371 Art Appreciation Art Collection Assignment

The art work was painted by the English poet, painter and printmaker. He portrayed this picture as Romanticism since he believed Romantic. As to him, the artist should reject the past and find his own way. He said, ‘I must create my own system or be enslaved by another man’s.’ The reason why I choose this one Blake’s pictures generally makes me so different because there is a creature; its part of human and part of vampire and I think there is a relation between title and artwork since the flea usually is depicted as an evil.
Roy Lichtenstein was an American Pop artist. This artwork is seen as essential contribution for Pop Art. The artist used black and white technique with pencil and touché, poacher on paper.
The art work which made by Salvador Dali is an example for Surrealism. He portrayed Adam and Eve with using different color and drawing technique. Besides, they try to hold prohibited apple so I chose this one since Dali shows that story in different way by using surrealism.
Peter Paul Rubens was one of the best painters who used Baroque style. I chose his self-portrait since it drew my attention between of his works. As we understand from art work he was like aristocratically.
I think this artwork is the best example for expressionism. It shows us the relation between girl and baby. We can easily get the feeling of protection just looking the picture because the girl hold the baby as if her mother. Besides, the background is very nice with the red rose since rose represent the love.
The Starry Night was made by the post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. This painting drew my attention since it shows the outside landscape from his sanatorium room window. As if, he wants to escape from this world like falling star in the darkness of night and reach to the bright stars which is fascinated. Maybe therefore he generally uses the church domes and redwoods.
The art work titled The Birth of Venus by Sandro Boticelli is an example of neoclassicism and it show mythological figure of Venus. Venus emerged from sea as totally woman. In this art work Venus is shown as beautiful goddess and she symbolized of coming spring since there is flowers and green tree in the background. It reminds me the starting of beautiful things by using mythological elements and I liked it.
The art work which made by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is an example of Impressionism. I liked this painting since there is a harmony with nature and love between two sisters. Also, the artist used so vividly colors.
The art work which made by Spanish artist Juan Gris is a Cubism. I have to determine that Cubism is the first abstract art form of 20th century. He generally used visual language. And in this painting, he shows the objects which we use nearly every day. There are some figures like foods, guitar etc. I think guitar is the most important element in here since melodic harmony makes to feeling so relax for people while watching the landscape.
The art work is an example of Abstract Expressionism. Although the figures are so complicated and ambiguous, if we look at more deeply we can easily distinguish some figures like hearts, letters etc. The reason why I chose this painting it makes me so different.
Jacopo Tintorette generally is described as Mannerist and this artwork is an example of Mannerism. This one is emotional temperature picture and the subjects are very different. Also, the colors are crucial in the artwork; especially blue and rose colors. Saint George is shown as fighting with dragon near the sea and most importantly, the figure of God is shown as blessing.
The artwork by Corot is an example of Realism and I really love this painting since it shows the woman's loneliness with magnificent landscape. Actually, the color of the green have an important affect on people, they can feel themselves better if they don’t have anyone for sharing of sadness like in this painting.
This is the example of High Renaissance. I chose this art work since it s different; it is an oil painting and Raphael finished it a few years before his death so this reason makes it important. In the painting, the y stands on clouds and Madonna holds the Christ Child. The relation between the mother and the son is seen so clear aspect of love.
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