Street Art in Rome-Peyton THomas

Street Art in Rome is an actual group who do art on just about any flat surface in the city.  They express themselves and even what is around them with beautiful pieces that really capture your eye.  The magnitude of some of their art is very impressive. They even have art festivals specifically for the urban art.

This art work is really interesting because it uses two faces, but it is joined together as one face. You can see the man with a normal face and then also see his angry side. The building is very tall and would need a lot of advanced planning for the piece.
This design is on another side of a tall building. It doesn't take up the entire wall, but they do use text to help tell the story. The black and white really helps the art stand out against the color of the building. The detail that went into the shading must have been a time consuming process.
This is a very interesting piece. The man is swimming along with some large and small fish. The color used helps grab your attention. I'm sure this piece is used as a way for advertising. The random hands popping up almost look as if someone is drowning, but hopefully that is not the case.
In previous artwork the artist just does the art against the color of the building. This technique was cool because he painted the entire wall black and gave the effect he was looking for. This art looks like it's a pregnant mother with kids in her stomach. The shape of the person is created out of stars and the stomach looks like the moon.
This is not a picture of anything specific. The words are telling the story. I love the style of font that they used with this building. The color combinations go well and the distressed look on the building was a nice touch. The green glass help make this building stand out.
This is a crazy cool design. I love the pattern that they used. It almost matches the building and you would actually have to notice that it is art. The black dashes along the lines look fascinating and is almost mesmerizing. I could almost see this piece becoming a elaborate piece of architecture.
I love the literal meaning behind this piece of art work. It has it's own humor in the piece of art and I have an appreciation for that. I like the block letters and how they kept the P, O, and R's hole covered. It is a different style. Definitely is a big piece and stands out.
This is a really unique art style. I think it is a really creative idea to incorporate 2D and 3D art. The octopus is really brought to life with the tentacles having form. I'm not a huge fan of the color, but I'm not the artist. It is a little bit of an unusual background for there to be a nice piece of art with graffiti in the background.
Another piece of really creative art. The big letters with faces making up the letters is pretty cool. The white background and blue stenciled drawings help really see what the other pictures are of. It has a really nice flow and fits the character of the building. I wish I could see it in person to look at all the smaller images.
I like the black and white star. Something about black and white just really makes it stand out. I'm glad they didn't use any color. It is a really big star and the design helps make it more interesting. I might like this piece of art because I like composition of how they took a photo.
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