china's culture!

I thought it was a really good example of chinese culture because dragons have always been very representative of this culture, also i though it was a really pretty paint.
This calligraphy it's really awesome. I Like chinese writing it looks cool.
I choose this poverty because I think the paintings are really amazing and the colors are a good representation of China's culture.
I choose this painting because I think since i know chinese civilization mountains it's a really good representation of the armony they have.
I Choose this picture because I really like the colors i think flowers had always being important in china.
This picture again is one of my favorites I think it really represent China, flowers are almost always on the art of Chinese culture.
I Choose this image because i think its the most popular thing that I know about china and it's history its pretty intersting.
I like the colors of this picture colors, I just thought it was really pretty image
karate it's another thing very representative of chinese culture. I like this picture a lot.
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