Soft and vibrant colors to relax the soul

Colors expressing the true nature of the scene, and vibrant expressions of pleasure. With both traditional medium paintings and Graffiti artwork, the use of color conveys incredible emotion.

Taking on once again the love for water, Van Gogh purely captures the wonderfully calm and relaxing water scene.
Watching the way the moon shines on the water creates the amazing effect the painter intended. I find it very difficult to convey this especially with blending colors.
Enticing the warm feeling of the Northern lights, this piece gives that alluring feel of true beauty in nature by also including animals and plants.
Engulfed in the way the piece is directing your attention from the middle swirling all the way around giving you the incredible detail of fear and pleasantry in the color scheme.
Capturing the cold truth of death and despair, this piece makes me feel content with the harsh reality of life; that at some point it ends, but the life you lived before isn't any less beautiful.
This piece kind of gives me a Yin and Yang vibe of color; by that I mean the balance of excitement yet being calm and serine. Especially because it is near perfectly blended in half.
Monet truly captures the rough enduring feel of the sea, all while conveying how blissfully peaceful the raging ocean really can be.
This piece gives me an Alien vs Predator feel of things being quiet, but too quiet. The calming sound of the rushing snow and wind that delves into nothing but mystery of what is out there.
Reminding me of moving to a fresh new place, much like moving to orlando, exploring and finding all sorts of comforting and breath taking sites really makes things easier on the mind.
Big fan of stories that have a lone traveler stumbling upon a safe heaven for the night. Especially in harsh conditions. This piece reminds me of a traveler finding a warm house in the winter.
I am very fascinated with water and sailing; finding a piece with a point of view in a small boat on a lake, creates such a pleasant experience.
Gazing out into the sky on a cool summer night in the field of your family's home. Calm, relaxing and just my style.
Stepping out from the party filled with the highest of honors in your field. Staring out into the lake content with my success is exactly how I want to spend my life.
It's raining on a cold winter night, yet you feel the happiest you ever have walking home knowing you are working your dream job.
By far one if if not my favorite piece. After a long hard working day, coming into your third home of the home style bar is the most satisfying thing you can find.
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