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Impressionism was not a unified agenda, but a desire to break free from the constraints of academic art, a wish to show their work outside the official exhibitions of the Paris Salon, and a passion for portraying contemporary life. Their urban landscapes, sun-dappled scenes of leisure, and views of the countryside and coast captured what the eye sees in a fleeting moment. However, after the stir-up in 1886 with Georges Seurat's painting, post-impressionism took form. Unlike the Impressionists, who sought to capture the fleeting moment, Seurat attempted to convey a sense of monumental timelessness. A great example of an impressionist artist is Claude Monet and a post-impressionist, Gauguin.

Here, the eye is drawn to the mirror-like surface of the pond and the way the plants and bridge are reflected in the water. Horizontal brushstrokes delineating the water lilies are interrupted by the vertical strokes of lighter green, showing the vegetation above the pond.
Here Monet shows great depth and again goes into detail with the water. The reflections bounce off the water just right not interrupting the texture and flow of the waves. His cool color scheme also helps set the mood of dusk.
This lack-of-detail painting was painted at many different hours. Here the sun was clearly set and it was very foggy. Monet captures yet another "spur of the moment" picture of exactly what he saw at that given time.
Another example of his work with water and reflections, you can see Monet's use of brushstrokes to drag the reflection of the lilies through the water. He uses a wide variety of colors to make it pop but does not blend them in.
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This abstract portrait uses more sharp edging than Monet and other Impressionists. He uses a good amount of shape but yet some figures remain 2-dimensional.
This very symbolic piece is expressed in another abstract way. It is a bash against the Royals and is very opinionated which is a common theme for this time. It is very cartoon like and not realistic at all.
This painting sets a very free scene among the people. many colors you wouldn't normally see are placed in contrasting spots that are made to pop out at the eye. Very fantasy like, like the past impressionists.
This painting by Gaugin is not like his others. Though it is still cartoon like, it is much more realistic and not abstract like his other works. It shows signs of depth and his color pallet is very neutral.
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