Symmetry of Shape

-----------In the Eyes of Others-----------

This candle's symmetry is where the hands meet, and it is very different from the other works in this gallery.
The symmetry of this statue lies above the waist, and shows passion.
This beautifully crafted vase is carved and painted symmetrically to the last detail.
It's amazing how people are able to create such symmetry with such a difficult material.
Each of the pieces on this necklace are symmetrical to one another.
I've never seen such a knife made so symmetrically from the Bronze Age.
This piece has such intriguing polygons that the symmetry is almost unnoticeable.
The symmetry of the faces is obvious in this work, and the conches are beautifully done.
This hook seems deadly, but it is actually crafted in the way that it is balanced perfectly, art wise and war wise.
This amulet/ pendant has a lot of small details that contribute to it's symmetry.
Such a simple piece of art can have such rustic symmetry.
This figurine has perfect symmetry of shape. The color might be off, but that's not the symmetry I am looking for.
These ornaments would be placed on opposite sides of a crown, so that they are symmetrical on the crown and symmetrical when stood alone.
Some of the symmetry of this piece was lost with time, but the evidence of the attempt is still there.
The color in this is not symmetrical, but the shape of the krater is definitely an attempt, a successful one at that.
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