Sports: a New Outlook

The Exhibition Sports: A New Outlook is artwork and art sculptures that shows a variety of sports activities.Many think of sports as rough or even violent but if one pays close attention to sports, one can see that sports has a artistic feel to it.         By: Cedric D Antwine

This photograph of a track event shows more than just a race. When looking close at the picture one can see how the men are evenly balanced with everything in the background.
I choose this picture because to start basketball is my favorite sport and basketball is one of the many variety of sports we have in this world. The painting is very colorful and beautiful.
This photograph shows the rough and tough side of a sport. The sport football is always classified as tough and dangerous. I choose this photograph because it is another sport that we have
This painting is to show the beauty of how a sporting stadium in the night time can be very beautiful. I pick this one because it shows the light reflects on the ground and make everything looks alive
Once again Rosa Serra designed another sculpture to showcase the artistic movement this time of a person on a mountain bike.
This its self is another sculpture by Rosa Serra who wanted to show of the artistic form of a person skiing, in which skiing is another sport that people compete in.
This sculpture shows a Olympic weight lifter. At the Olympic meet that takes place every four years, weight lifting is another event some take part in.
This stadium surrounding the track and field can be used as a sculpture. Its structure is evenly round and brings all the attention down to the field. Which makes the track and field center stage.
Credits: All media
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