Bold and mysterious

The theme I have created for this gallery is BOLD and MYSTERIOUS. I have named my exhibition BOLD and MYSTERIOUS because I wanted to show that in nature there can be different types of artworks that represent nature in a different ways of nature with illusions, reoccurring patterns and normal or still movement.  I didn’t just choose these artworks at random, I found the artworks that incorporated nature and popped out with mystery, a little bit of craziness and colour. The fifteen artworks I have picked out from the various amount of artworks all have three things in common firstly they all have a natural theme, secondly they all have a sense of mystery and thirdly they all have the same colour like orange, yellow or brown. In the exhibition I have put together there are four artworks that interoperate four different frames Mysterious Blossom (2008) Structural, Dedicated to Alfonsas … (1987) Subjective, Ten calligraphies with painting depicting school (1713 – 1791) Cultural and A Sunday on La Grande Jatte – 1884 (1884 – 1886) Post Modern.

Post Modern
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