Catholic Paintings

My gallery will have a number of paintings that involve the catholic religion . I chose this theme be cause i like to see the way the artist includes details in the picture because it really makes me wonder.

I really like this painting because it shows Jesus rising into heaven. I think this painting means that when we go to heaven they will welcome us into heaven and it means that we will not suffer in heaven.
This Picture Represents Jesus has he was suffering and now he is in Heaven and now he has eternal peace. I chose this one because it shows that Heaven is a place for resting. This was a print making.
This painting is about the three crucifixions that happened . I chose this painting because it shows all the people that came and saw jesus being crucified. The artist made it cloudy and gloomy and that shows that it is a sad mood . The medium was oil with some egg tempura.
This picture shows that they are worshiping Jesus because he is preaching to them as a kid . i Love this picture because Jesus is just a kid and he is telling these old men about their faith. This was oil on popular wood.
This painting is about god getting crucified and the soldiers nailing him to the cross., this is oil on oak. I chose this because i liked the dog in the backround i dont really know why its their but I think its interesting.
This Painting is cool because it shows that Religion is everywhere and God is everywhere . This painting is made in oil
This picture shows the power of st. Micheal and that he will protect us from the bad powers of the Devil. I chose it because I like the detail on the angel . I also love how the Demon is in the backround this was oil on canvas . I love the lighting from light that represents good and the Dark represents evil.
I chose this picture because I llike how it shows how God is helping these kids and I think this picture sets an example of how we should help kids. I also like the lighting and how God is glowing with the kid and you can see how the people in the backround are waiting for gods help. This picture is also oil on canvass
This picture is very interesting because everyone is praising God because he just performed a miracle he just rose somebody from the dead I like it because if you look in the backroung you can see a church and this oainting is oil on canvass.
I chose this picture because it shows that Adam and eve before they were cursed with original sin and it shows us there paradise that they had i like the animals details in the backround and you can see the serpant and the apple which they are eating this painting is oil on copper beech wood
This painting is really cool because it is showing the Annunciation and what really makes look awesome is the backround I love the colors it makes it really vibrant . The matireals that were chosen were wood
This has to be my favorite painting for many reasons because it has a unique story this was about how the bad angels wanted to fight God and they were on the devils side and it was a war and it shows that God will always win and the devil will always loose. It looks very cool because if you look at it there are some strange things in the picture.
This painting is interesting because it shows how jesus had to carry that heavy cross that he would soon die on it . This painting has the guard standing in the backround. This painting was a wood
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