The Man Of The Golden Age

In this gallery I will be showcasing works by painter Rembrandt van Rijn. He was one of the most iconic dutch painters in the 17th century, which was considered the golden age in dutch history. We will be able to see what made him so iconic and how he is still remembered as one of the greats. 

We start with the most famous painting by rembrandt: "The Night Watch". We see rembrant's iconic use of light in the middle. As it fades to darkness on the sides
Here we see one of Rembrandt's portraits: "Youg Man with a Sword". He was mostly commissioned by rich business man to do portraits in the 17th century. The hat in the portrait is iconic of a rich man
Once again, a portrait of a rich young woman. We can now see a pattern of style that rembrandt uses for the faces in particular. The use of white is so well down, as if there is light reflecting of it
This is not a portrait, but a painting of Lucretia. I could not find much about her, but this is another instance where we can see his use of the color white. Everything has a dark shade to it, but the white jumps out
A pice of work by the name of "Flora". This painting is has remarkable detail in the clothing. It almost seems as if the light is reflecting of her clothes back at the viewer. We can see a theme of reflection coming back in every painting.
A very dark and sad image at first, "Holy Family". The word holy is interesting to me, especially when we look at the light contrast from the top left to the top right. It starts off bright and ends in complete darkness. A deeper meaning perhaps? Also note the darkness on the sides, which is being repeated in every painting
"Christ and St Mary Magdalen at the Tomb". Once again we see completely black at the top and bottom of these images. With incredible detail in the actual portrait, it's as if he was there taking a picture with a big white light.
"St. Peter in Prison (The Apostle Peter Kneeling). This is a very interesting portrait to me. We see a priest kneeling down, with nothing but darkness surrounding him. As if he is praying in the only light source in this image. I love his recurring theme of complete black on the sides, top and bottom.
I remember seeing this portrait as a kid: "Portrait of a Man in a Broad-Brimmed Hat. The white cloth around the neck was very iconic for rich dutch salesman in the 17th century. This is most likely a commissioned picture. The white jumps out at the viewer, which gives a very pleasant color contrast.
The final work in this gallery: "The Concord of the State". Even though this is not a portrait it still has recurring theme that rembrandt likes to do. We can see the fade to darkness towards to the sides, with a light source in the middle. No iconic faces this time, but still heavily detailed sketches.
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