Egyptian Art

By: Jake Janosko

This is a sculpture of a man that lived in the Egyptian times. Getting this sculpture meant that he was honored. This particular piece happens to be made out of limestone.
This piece is of a sphinx from Egypt. It is in good condition, but it is not complete. It used to have a headdress, but with time, it fell off. This piece is made out of bronze.
This piece is a faience which is like pottery with highly colored designs. It shows four bulls on the side and on the bottom is a lotus flower. Most of this piece is discolored.
This piece also happens to be a faience. This piece is, obviously, of a rabbit laying down. What is interesting is the attachment is pierced horizontally for suspension.
This piece of the lion happens to be made from banded Egyptian alabaster. This piece is in good condition, but it is a little broken apart. The top alabastron missing and all of the inlays are lost.
Credits: All media
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