LART 1Q98- War: Soldiers and Leaders

This is a collection of images taken from the Australian War Memorial, Imperial War Museums, and the Wilanow Palace Museum. These 5 images were placed together because the show the anonymity and suffering of the common soldier versus the glorified portraits of the nation's rulers and leaders during war.The first three images of the common people show vague features. They do not portray a specific individual, rather, they represent all people or soldiers as a whole. This relates to the icon concept, as they represent something larger than the single painting. Furthermore, the gaze is another concept seen in all the pictures. The first three, of the unspecific people, show them looking down, dejected. In the first image, eyes are not even painted on, just dark gaps. For the final 2 pictures of the leaders, their features are distinct and they are looking proudly ahead. Also, the final two portraits show them in rich and noble clothing. This relates to betterment of the self and a sense of belonging, as they wish to show themselves as proper as other nobles. The concept of vanitas is also evident here, as the dead bodies and the cigarette show the frailty of life. The use of colours is also important to note, as the first three use gloomy and depressing backgrounds and colours. In contrast, the final 2 portraits make use of rich colours. The 2 portraits are the antithesis of realism, as they are glorified and not depeocted as they truly were ie the perfect armour, and the pose in front of a battle. 

Credits: All media
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