Exploring art

I chose this item because I have a daughter that has always loved water towers. I am drawn to this painting because of her love for them but also because I find myself looking for them everywhere we go. The blue colors in this painting are a favorite of mine along with all the vertical lines of this painting. I think this is a representational art piece.
The nautilus shell appearance of this metal water dipper drew my attention. I noticed all of the intricate lines and at first thought maybe this was half of a nautilus shell. Upon closer inspection, it's a water dipper from the 9th-10th centuries in Indonesia. I am astonished at the amazing lines and details on the metal. I wonder if it was inspired the nautilus shell? Representational art piece.
An old ticket has so many appealing features to me. This ticket was from just after the Civil War had ended. I could not imagine living in those times of war. Tickets to events today do not have this same appearance at all. The calligraphy of this ticket is beautiful along with the picture. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have been involved in the world during those times. Representational art.
This glass octopus reminded me of a beach trip where my kids and I found a small octopus on shore. We picked him up in a shell and returned him to the water. The little body and legs are so delicate but also eloquent. As we were able to watch him maneuver back into deeper water, it was a privilege to see how gracefully they move. This glass figure shows the delicate nodules on the tentacles. It reminds me of how small and graceful the octopus we saw was. Representational art.
As a photographer I was drawn to this image. The ruby red cheeks of Prince Napoleon were too cute to resist! I also loved how he is dressed in this red suit with golden colored shoes. The muted lighting in this oil painting also captured my attention. I love how he is softly lit and portrayed here. Figurative art.
There is something about seeing old pottery that takes me back. I feel as though sometimes I should have been around in the times these were created and used. I am amazed that these are old pottery pieces made by hand and used to help sustain life. Cooking, cleaning and storing items in these old pottery pieces would be surreal. I would love to have a piece of old pottery in my home! Knowing how these items were made by hand is impressive. Representational art.
Birds have captured my attention since I began photography. They are very quick and precise in their decisions, as their lives depend on it. This wood carving is a simple design but shows very definite details that are beautiful. I love how the eye of the bird is just barely noticeable. The banding of the legs on the bird are such intricate little details. Representational art.
Intrigued by the nature of five lenses here I had to save this image. Glasses are only supposed to have two lenses and be transparent. This steel and marble combination of glasses puzzles me. Maybe someone needed more than two lenses to see? I do love the curved nose pieces between each lens here as well. Intriguing piece of art to me. Abstract art maybe, or representational.
I chose this image because it is a sculpture and is different. Aphrodite is sculpted in clay here in this beautiful sculpture. I love the details in this sculpture. As you can make out her earring and lightly covered parts of the body. Aphrodite makes me think of love and cupid. Wishing for lots of love in this world. Figurative art.
I chose this piece because of the cartoonish and simple feeling. This is an ink and sumi on paper art piece. The lady on the right looks as if she is just relaxing, enjoying her day and the view. The other lady who appears to be scribbled in, appears to be napping. I would love to be in her chair enjoying that view too! To me this has some abstractness to it but I still think it is representational art.
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