Gurung John

I really like this artwork because it is unique, and the use of lines is very good, i also like how there is depth in the art work and it feels like i'm looking through it.
i like the patterns the used in the artwork and the colours used in the art. I also like this artwork because it is very unique.
This artwork is really cool because its kind of like nature vs nature or the end of the world and the detail near the volcanic red area is really realistic and I also like how the title fits in really well with the art and i really like the concept.
I like the scene of the artwork and i also the colours used in the artwork by the artist because the bright colours on the dark colours kind of shows depth. Its kind of like the shading we did in grade 7, when we shaded the fruit with a cool colour which was blue.
i like the design of the artwork even though its only using 2 colours and is very well placed and balanced and it seems like it was planned very throughly
Credits: All media
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