Dominating laborer hercules - Johnathan Santos

In this gallery one will find oil paintings of the son of the Greek God, Zeus. Hercules was a hero to many and what all men aspired to be despite once being a slave. Although once a slave he always rid the land of crime.

Hercules is carrying Deianira while walking over the dead Centaur Nessus. Hercules shot the Centaur Nessus with an arrow. This piece visually represents the theme because Hercules is depicted as a triumphant figure.
Hercules and Omphale had switched clothes and it deceived the Faun who entered the room only to be surprised that it was Hercules and not Omphale. All the servants were amused. Hercules again in this oil painting is put in a position of dominance.
Hercules has finished his labour for the day yet he is sat down to thread for the queen. He becomes ridiculed by all the women in the room for his inability to do something that is simple for a woman. Hercules rid the land of robbers making him great; he was trying to please Omphale by trying his hand at threading. Hercules is not powerless he still retains his greatness in this oil painting.
Hercules is tending to one of his many responsibilities by killing the hydra from Lerna. The hydra has multiple heads and one can be seen about to attack Hercules yet the great Hercules prevails. This piece shares a common medium with all the other pieces in this gallery.
Hercules has captured the bull from crete. Hercules is praised for saving the city. Despite Hercules being so massive in comparison to the women the painting is still well proportioned given the back story of Hercules. It is understood that Hercules was the strongest man alive. Another example of Hercules' greatness.
Hercules is stealing the apples from the Hesperides. Hercules is dominating the dragon Ladone ultimately sealing his fate. There is great emphasis on the muscles of Hercules as he is about to strike the dragon. Also given that one already knows that Hercules will strike and kill the beast gives this piece a sense of completeness, unity.
Hercules is suffocating the monster geroine, the giant son of earth. Hercules lifts him from the ground in efforts to keep him off of it because that is where he gets his power from. This painting is well balanced having both figures center of frame. The texture of this painting seems rough due to the fact that it was painted on wood.
Hercules shoots the centaur Nessus, killing him. This piece puts a lot of emphasis on Hercules's bow and arms suggesting that hercules has killed Nessus with an arrow. The artist uses space well to depict the Centaur and Hercules's wife a far distance.
Hercules is killing the lion of Nemean by choking him out. Hercules is dominating the lion and demonstrating his might. The balance between the sky and the rock suggest that hercules and the lion are on a high rock.
Hercules has had many labour one of which is killing the king of Bistons and then later feeding the body of the king to his horses. The painting is similar to a sepia tone with the use of reds, browns, and blacks creating the mood of dominating aggression.
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