Kristen Szaller

Color Schemes

The color scheme in this picture is Triadic. The colors that make up this scheme are Red, Blue, and Yellow. This picture gives off a strong and powerful feeling.
This picture shows Complementary pairs. It uses Red and Green which are opposites so they "pop" and stand out. The mood of this picture is joy and summertime.
This picture shows the monochromatic scheme. In this one, it shows the tints and shades of the color brown. To me, it gives off a sad vibe because of all the darkness in it.
The color scheme in this picture is warm colors. The colors used in this are red, orange, and yellow. This picture has a warm and joyous feeling to it. It radiates light.
This picture show the Cool Colors scheme. It uses Blue, Green, and violet. It gives off a sad mood but also kind of refreshing. It seems calm.
This picture uses the analogous color scheme. The colors used are Blue, Blue-green, and green. The mood of this picture is calmness and serenity. It gives off a peaceful feeling.
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