Eras of Japanese Art

This is a Jomon era pot.  Made with clay (ceramic) that way likely coiled into this shape.  It has two handles and a curved lip on the edge so it was likely for carrying something rather than drinking.  It also had designs imprinted that are typical of rope impressions.
This is a bell of the Yayoi era.  It is made of cast bronze and follows the design of Chinese bells.  The shape is slightly different and has a different religious connotation than the Chinese bells
This is a statuette from the Kofun era of Japan.  Because it was made of ceramic in a similar way as the jomon pot, it does not have as much detail.  
These statuettes are from the Asuka era of Japan. They are made from broe cast into wax molds.  These would have been place in houses as ceremonial, worship pieces.  These particular figuresrepresent the story of the birth of Buddha.
This is work of art from the Heian period of Japan.  It depicts a scene likely on a scroll containing a variety of other pictures and stories.  this illustrations depicts the biography of a prince, but its also representative of culture, daily life, and the role of nature.
This is a statue of the Kamakura era of Japan.  It is carved out of wood and has gold leaf inlays.  The statue represents a divine general, protector of Yakushi Tathagata. 
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