Women During World war i

The different roles women played and different positions women held during the war. 

A woman showing that she's part of red cross. Putting effort and taking responsibility in helping the wounded from the war.
Shows that a women is part of discussions regarding the war in the presents of men. Women are part of the war.
Women wanted responsibilities and wanted to prove that they were capable of helping people in need.
In Turkey a women is taking care of her children while traveling during a time of war. It shows the strength she has physically and mentally. She is responsible for her life and her children's life. Shows how different parts of the world came together.
The wealthy women doesn't want to get involved with the war on the battle field. She likes to live her elegant life and have the power to force others do the actually fighting.
Women having opportunities to work during the war. While men are off fighting women are at home working and helping the American economy.
War doesn't effect the wealthy women. Their life doesn't change.
Women working hard. They are helping themselves and their community back home while their husbands and sons are fighting to defend America's allies.
The women is the only one holding a different flag and standing with men. Shows how women were being active wether they supported or opposed the war. People came together as one.
Shows how women were being part of important meetings. Women were slowly beginning to participate in certain work that before were considered to be only for men.
People are coming together and cheering together. Women were part of the celebrations.
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