For My gallery I have chosen the season, Winter. The reason I chose this was because I enjoy winter, and I found when I was searching for these artworks, There was a contrast between both natural landscape and man-made which progresses as you get further into the gallery. I guess the progression between natural and man-made can show the audience how winter is being changed and how different it is now compared to back in the past. It also captures the different perspectives of how different artists view this season. 

I have chosen this artwork for the 'subjective frame'. The feelings that the audience can associate with this image include joyful, lighthearted, jubilant and serene/tranquil(calm).
I have chosen this artwork for the 'Structural Frame'. The medium of 'Late Afternoon, New York, Winter' is oil on canvas and it includes a mixture of both light and dark colours. These colours include grey, white, black, a kind of washed out yellow and a washed out orange a very light purple/blue colour. It has both light and dark tones and the size of this artwork is 36 15/16 x 29 in. (93.8 x 73.7 cm) Frame: 46 x 38 x 4 in. (116.8 x 96.5 x 10.2 cm)
I have chosen this artwork for the 'Cultural Frame'. This artwork was made in 1890. At this time, the artist (Robert William Vonnoh) was at an artist colony near the Forest of Fontainebleau in France. Whilst he was there, he composed this artwork showing the snow/winter in France. The artwork is meant to contrast the raw sunlight with the shadows and snow.
I have chosen this artwork for the 'Post Modern Frame'. The reason I chose this artwork for this particular frame is because it is the closest to recent/modern looking winter. As you can see in this artwork, there are more houses than natural landscape. This increases a lot as the years go on. If you look through my gallery you can see the difference of where in the begining there is more land and beauty in the art but as it progresses on it includes more and more man-made objects.
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