This is a great painting giving realism to a battle that angles take part of. The paint has great use of contrast and perspective. If you notice all the faces in someway point toward the light in the upper middle.
This Very dark paint is a great representation of sailing at night with rough seas. the contrast has some great uses of darks , swell as some gray highlights with the moon light of reflexing off the sea
Starting with a great pose the expression on his face shows a mixtures of fear and stocked almost looking directly toward the viewer. with bright colors showing his importations in the paint. yet the paints has the perspective of looking toward the mountains.
The painting presented Is painting to well that at first i thought is was a photo. the texture and contrast is great with one of the best displays of realism I've seen.
The painting is show i believe is a show. those showing a fantastic view and building. the texture in this paint gives a great style yet stalling to the realism to the paintings.
The painting shows great perspective tower the flow of the river that happens to go toward the left go the painting so that your eyes follow the mountain line. the texture is very smooth and show great realism.
This painting is the second that looks photo real. The perspective of the painting flows into the corner of the room with spectacular color and contrast.
the photo presented is a great perspective view of this street showing the beauty of street arts. coming from a city full of art and style this speeches to by capturing this moment in time.
a view of this amazing architecture in india. the perspective of this architecture is great. this old photo is great due to the chance of change and the changes you can see from the date it was taken to today.
I myself come from a background of street art from the area i spent a lot of time in witch was wynwood. this art that you need to be in the right perspective to see it right is amazing to .
Agin with my background i know the difficulty of spray painting this art. this has a nice set of color pop.
this unbend art is ever nice and holds that spray paint griffith feel to it. the piece of art shows great color and perspective of the snake attack the frog.
This pieces of art just appeals to me the great mix of the heart and jungle plants.
This art has a aspect of perspective. if your not looking at the spray painting from the front then u won't see the full image the colors pop against the brink behind giving it a bumpy texture.
This amazing ceiling piece is one of my favor.the drape looking ceiling is shade to look like it was falling toward the floor like I've soon no other like its kind.
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