This photograph is from the the early 1900s. I found it it made me think of my grandparents and great-grandparents. The light falls over the baby perfectly to highlight the simplicity and of being a baby.
I thought this picture was just gorgeous. Everything about it embodies the typical fashion and elegance of the 1950s.
This photo is a snapshot of a time before the world was thrown into turmoil. The lighting is used is such an amazingly sensual way. It casts the subject's face in shadow, adding a little mystery to him as well.
What caught This photo was taken just back in 2001 by Rick Chapman of Cal Ripkin Jr. What caught my attention most about this was the pose of the subject. I loved the way it seemed to be like a glance behind the camera just before the picture was taken.
This picture, from 2010, really caught my eye because it was one of the only color photos in the gallery. I was really struck by the religious Christ imagery of the subject, while he lays in the dark bamboo forest.
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