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Works of art and architecture I would like to see in person

The Starry Night was painted on canvas with oil paint. In the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, he used many relaxed curved lines and not many straight or broken lines. The colors he uses are on the cool side with swirls in the sky, and with using these elements, it creates a calming effect. Vincent Van Gogh used short brush strokes; this causes the painting to have the illusion it is moving. I think that if I were to feel the painting, it would have a thick deep texture. The Starry Night is mostly made up of a swirling blue sky with stars and the moon, but there is also a small town with a cypress tree on the side.
Little Dancer Aged Fourteen is a mixed media sculpture made of yellow wax, hair, ribbon, linen bodice, satin shoes, muslin tutu, and a wood base. The Little Dancer Aged Fourteen by Edgar Degas has soft features with elegant details. Edgar Degas used soft colors along with the sculpture; I think this gives the sculpture a peaceful effect. The sculpture from afar looks smooth, but once I looked closer, I saw the grooves in the hair and skin. Even though the sculpture was showed in 1881 and would be thought to be in the traditional category, the artist went toward the modern style with using more than one media.
The Cineraria is by Vincent van Gogh and is painted on canvas with oil. The painting consists of soft, thick lines and short brush strokes. The colors used are mostly dark with a few light colors that are used in the flowers and the leaves. The paint seems that there would be a thick texture where the flowers or leaves are located. Most of the painting is dark in the background, but the dark background complements the lighter flowers and leaves.
The Rocky Shore, Bermuda was painted by Winslow Homer on cream wove paper with watercolor over graphite pencil. There are only a few lines that are clearly visible, most of them are blended into the watercolor. The ocean is full of blues and also have a few white areas for the sea foam. The painting does not have a lot of detail, for example, the people in the painting are almost not seen on the beach. Homer's brush strokes are thick that gives the painting a look of a bumpy texture in some areas.
Paris, Vert Galant was painted with watercolor paint and was painted by Wolfgang Lettl. Paris, Vert Galant is a realism painting and what I fond great about it is how from afar the lines look completely straight, but once I looked closer, I see that the lines are not all as precise as they look farther away. The colors used are bright and clear, it makes the painting seem realistic. The buildings look like they are leaning back from the view they were painted. The tree in the background has thick lines with transparent color to make it seem far away. The paintings texture looks very smooth and flat.
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