Different types of lines. 

In this picture, the artist uses positive space, due to the implied shapes within the artwork. The author uses the darker lines to give the art shape. The art makes me feel almost beautiful, considering it's such a beautiful piece.
This artist uses a great use of space and implied lines, the way that the lines swirl outside of the paper but come back together, and the amount of space between the lines. This artwork makes me feel like two people are coming together, or two forces.
The artist of this piece of work does a great job at using less intense lines for the outline of the mountains and the colors surrounding it. However, he then goes to more intense lines almost using contrast with the lines and the colors. This artwork is bittersweet, due to the beautiful landscape, however the bitterness of the fireballs the artist included due to the war he was witnessing.
Kim uses a great deal of space and simplistic lines to make such a beautiful piece, considering there are minimal pieces being used. The contour lines are another important aspect, in order to get the shape of the wings so perfect. This picture makes me feel kind of sad considering I feel like it's almost saying how a butterfly or some other fictional being lost their wings.
The author uses a technique called "knifing" in order to combine drawings and photography. The author uses contrast in order to have some lines stick out rather than others. This picture makes me feel like things aren't always clear, line somethings are better seen than others.
The artist uses another technique in order to combine "knifing" into the image by combining the photography, sculpture, and painting. The artist also uses darker lines for some parts and smaller than other. This artwork makes me feel like there is a goal in site, yet it's not yet reachable.
The artist of this painting uses "dynamic lines" creating a serious and harsh tone to the picture. However, they also use a mixture of colors within the mountain itself. This painting makes me a bit depressed considering it looks burnt and decaying. Then again it makes me hopeful considering it's still standing tall.
The artist of this painting uses dark harsh lines for the trees, however then goes to a light tone as it goes inward toward the figure. The picture of the figure is a use of contrast and has a curved figure to him or her.
The author uses multiple styles of lines, such as curves and slight zig zag lines that aren't as harsh or well seen, but are still implied that they are there. This peiece makes me feel like there's a party of some sort, or a kind of celebration.
The author uses a simple technique to create a vertical and somewhat a zigzag piece, as well as using a large amount of space. This picture almost makes me feel like a failure of some sort. The way it goes up and then suddenly drops. Almost like a goal wasn't reached.
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