The Color of history

In the early 1600s paintings have a reputation to be painted with a strong emphasis of red, black and white, with extreme contrast between the subject and its environment. We can see that red, black, and white were used as standard colors through out history up until the late 1800s. In the later 1800s we can see more variety in color choices, and the extreme contrast in values becoming less extreme .

In this painting we see Jesus Christ on the cross. The color of His figure is displayed with very high contrast to the dark green, black and brown background. There are also very subtle hints of red.
Here we see Venus and Adonis, and possibly the small boy as Cupid leaning on a dog. There are very bright colors in the foreground with a high contrast to the dark background, and a lot of red color, not only in the cloth but in the flesh of the human figures and on the ground as well.
A group of men and women gathered in a room. The people tend to have very bright highlights , causing them to stand in contrast to the dark shadowy environment around them, with black, white, red.
A palace hall full of a few hundred people. Massively tall walls, and archways. Beautiful chandeliers hanging from long chains. Again we see black white and red as the themed color for this painting.
A bouquet of flowers in a vase sitting on a table.The leaves and flowers have a high contrast compared to the rest of the painting.More variety in color compared to the previous 16th Century paintings. However red, black and white are still very prominent.
Here we see a woman in a large red with her two children standing next to her holding her as she holds her youngest child. Red, black and white are very prominent in this painting. The mothers red dress helps emphasize the small child in white as the focal point of the painting. The analogous colors of blue help create a cool environment.
A man known as General Wolfe on the ground surrounded by his brethren. Red, white, black shadowy forms all working in contrast with one another. The colors through out the entire painting also create unity, and a feel of completeness. The analogous blue and green contrast with the red in the painting and help with variety.
Jesus on the cross with Mary Magdalene kneeling at Jesus' Feet. In the background we see some cool blue with a bright yellow horizon line. The yellow horizon line helps guid the viewers eye, and creates contrast with dark clouds in the sky. The red sash Mary is wearing creates a sense of royalty within the picture. Jesus' white cloth is made with what looks as some pure white highlights, and creates unity with Marys clothing. The ground is brown yellow that works in unity with the brown and yellow colors in the sky above Jesus' head.
A group of people at a wedding, possible the family of the bride and groom. The clothing of the individuals and the vibrant red, white, yellow, gold, and black colors are designed in a way that represents wealth, movement, and texture. Almost every object has red in it accept the white table cloth.
A crowd of people relaxing on a grassy shoreside next to a river or lake. The clothing of the individuals consist of red, blue, brown, white, and black. Whats interesting here is how the foreground is dark, covered with shade, and contrasting with the bright green and other colors of the mid, and background of the painting, Where as in all the previous paintings the mid ground is the brightest, with the background the darkest. This creates a very unique and interesting contrast that makes you feel as if you are standing in the shade as well. The cool colors through out this painting create unity and a relaxing environment.
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