Austin's art gallery of amazingness

In this gallery, I chose a selection of works of art that really captured my eye. I chose alot of perspective type arts based on perspective and nature.

St. Anthony’s faith triumphs over the temptations and horrors of sin and evil. This painting actually focuses on the conflict and not the victory.
I chose this picture for the perspective, not so much mythology. The center of the picture is solely based on the little girls face and if you look close enough, she's looking at you. Ferris Bueler.
I chose this picture for the fact that George Washington's perspective in this picture is seeing the beginning of a great country that will slowly crumble upon itself. Which is has, today.
I chose this picture because of the fact that everyone does not see a giant house fire happening in this picture, and puts their attention to just look at the stars instead. Almost as if no one see it
You obviously see a person screaming, and the two people behind just continue to keep walking. Like nothing was even happening. This painting look's like a cry for help in an art piece.
The girl looks distressed. Again it looks like a cry for help. She looks so upset to the point where she knows she's doing something wrong and forced to do it anyway. The destruction of forests maybe?
This picture looks like the much more joyous and happier version of The Last Supper. Everything about the picture is glowing and makes the heart feel warm.
The title of this work honestly has nothing to do with the picture. I don't understand how this represents a male perspective. All I see is a busy lobby.
This is cool, it seems like there's a wall of papers but they're actually hanging mid air.
Credits: All media
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