This art gallery/ exhibit that I have created is about the things in the world that make world what it is today such at homes, they way we move around, air ancestor, youth, emotion, out inner strength, nature and etc. I also chose all of these pictures as examples because it shows us where we came from, how far we have come and how much farther we can go.

this picture symbolize "home" and how as a community we have to live with another as unity to flourish and prosper together to make it a better place for the new generation. and it also show that we can live together and network in the same system with no problem
This picture symbolize that we should protect one another and stick together as people and we should not be afraid to stand up for what is right and our believes and morals. For example: if one country is getting bullied, you should tell the other county what you are doing is wrong and stand up for the weak country
This picture symbolize that we should not be afraid to break the burrier and so not be afraid to think out side the box. This picture is different from the other because it show a person do something out if the ordinary, and not doing anything relating to the other pictures and at the same time she finds happiness.
This picture symbolize that we should learn from our ancestors and how our descendent made it so far in life. It also shows that we should learn from their mistakes so that we could be a bit more wiser in life, also how and what to do better to make life easier.
This picture symbolize that we should work with the land such as being one with the land and the animals rather than killing animals and destroying the land. We should care for our earth because right now in time this is the only planet that we do have and for our youths.
This picture symbolize that we should teach the new generation a better way to live life. It symbolize that we should open their minds up and show then the way. we should teach them how to love them self’s and one another so their community and this world could be a better place.
This picture symbolize that we should care for one another, And when we see another down or falling we should help our comrades up no matter what because we should always stick together emotionally, physical and mentally. This picture also shows that it is no ok to walk away from our own kind is down weak. Always help one another.
This picture symbolize that no matter where we are at we can live together and as a community from uptown, down town and even the countryside. This picture also shows that we do need a lot of materialistic things in life to see the beauty in life and all we need is each other.
This picture symbolize that we as individuals should have our own believes and morals. Each tattoo on each arm is different and on each arm each tattoo symbolizes something different from one another. Like my father once told me “if you don’t believe or stand for something you will fall for anything”.
Credits: All media
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