color schemes

Jessica Micale, pd:4

This is an example of primary colors. This contributes to the work as a whole because it provides a sense of realism and pride that portrays the emotion behind the visual representation.
This is an example of secondary colors. This contributes to the work because it provides a fun arrary of colors that captures the viewer's attention, and pops against the white backgrounds of the artwork.
This is an example of a monochromatic artwork. This shows a landscape painting, and the artist uses one color in order to enhance the different shades and tints of green that are being used. This will further capture the viewer's attention and provide emphasis in darker areas.
This is an example of cool colors. Since colors make people feel a certain way, the use of cool colors allow for a sense of calmness, peace, and serenity. The cool colors blend together and create value in the painting.
This is an example of anologous colors. Since the colors used in the artwork are anologous, they fit together nicely. The yellow pops against the contrast of the darker greens, and allows for texture and definition of the artwork.
This is an example of complementary colors. This enhances the work because it is visually appealing. Since red and green are complementary colors, they fit together nicely and allow for contrasting visual appeal.
This is an example of warm colors. The colors used are different variations of oranges, yellows and reds. These colors create a vibrant affect that enhance the artwork and allow for the value to pop. The viewer will appriciate the blending of the artwork because of how well the colors blend together.
This is another example of cool artwork. I thought this one was really pretty, so I added it in! The artist uses cool colors of greens and blues in order to create a calm, serene feel to the artwork, and make the viewer feel a certain way.
An example of black and white painting. This painting allows for contrast between the two colors, and allows for emphasis on the black color when paired with the white and grey background. The black color creates an omnious feel to the painting, one the viewer can appreciate.
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