Human faults

Why do we try to deny them?

Humans may try to comprehend everything around them in some way, but humans are blind.
Humans try to understand the world around them instead of looking around and seeing it for its beauty.
Humans think what they are doing is only very small and does nothing, but the smallest drop still can make waves in society.
Humans show greed in their lives. They always want to be better than everyone else around them. They feel as if they need to have everything around them even if they do not need it.
Humans are more like an animal than they believe because they just follow their most basic instinct and react without thinking.
Humans build by destroying and leave ruins behind them. Where do we have to go now?
Humans have so many different views on every small detail of life, one idea may directly contradict another which causes humans to fight a lot.
Humans try to use reason to comprehend everything making themselves monsters by trying to change others.
humans don't care about anything but themselves so they harm the earth and kill animals and plants.
We continuously fight each other in war, but it just causes death. Only the greedy and selfish benefit from it.
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