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This picture is so bizarre. It is bizarre because you would not think that insects would be considered art. My bearded dragon would probably see it as art, and food of course. I do find it interesting that all four of the insects are flying insects. The fact that they all appear to be going in a circle, may mean the artist was trying to portray a circle of life feel.
I chose this piece of art because of the cultural challenge we face these days. Some people find it culturally unacceptable to breastfeed in public while some find it acceptable. I feel this picture portrays how much has changed since 1918. I feel that in this current day and age, this piece of art would be deemed unacceptable. I however don't find this offensive or unacceptable but more of natural. It is natural for a mother to feed her child.
This picture would be one that I would have hanging on a wall in my house. I feel it shows the hardships that cowboys can sometimes face. They are dependent on nature to make a living and when they have unbearable snow it can most likely put a damper on their livelihood. I am also an animal lover so I love the horses.
I chose this piece of art because of how beautiful it looks. I love how the sun is rising but doesn't take over the picture. Its just subtle enough to give the picture a nice early morning or late evening feel. Only thing I would change about it, is to add something more to it like cowboys or birds. Something to give it a little more.
I actually had to google this one to find out some information about this painting. St. Sebastian was a saint and was almost always depicted this way. I added the photo because to me it looked so realistic looking. I did have a feeling it would be a religious painting based off of the cross in the background.
I chose this statue because I love elephants. But I also like how simple it is. This would probably be something I would have on display in my house. I do like how the artist was able to etch some intricate designs on the legs, stomach, and trunk but still keep the natural look of the wood.
When you look at this sculpture, you don't necessarily see a "wounded" human. What is the artist considering wounded? Is the person kneeling or did they loose their leg. If they are kneeling, maybe the person is wounded mentally and just happens to be thinking and staring into space. So many unanswered questions.
I feel this piece comes across as being expensive for the time it was created. With all the gold in this piece it looks expensive. It also looks like that could be mostly ivory. Altogether the piece looks awesome. It even has a stained glass look which I like. If I had to guess, this would probably be something a royal family would own or someone with great wealth.
I feel this is a beautiful picture of The Parthenon. I have always been fascinated with Greek architecture. I do think that the brown hue of the picture gives it a different look. This would definitely be somewhere I would put on my bucket list.
I love how this picture appears to be done by spray paint. It is amazing though how you can create such beautiful art with spray paint. I actually watched someone in Vegas create pictures from spray paint and own three of them. I do like how the artist created this to look almost three dimensional.
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