Design Principle

The artist used color to bring the vocal point at the bridge. By using lighter colors on the top portion of the painting the viewers eyes automatically go to the bridge.
This picture I see a sense of contrast. You have a joker on one hand with an owl of his knee which represents wisdom and the other you have a gentlemen with a mocking bird on his knee.
The proportion of this horse is off. It seems to have the limbs of a man but head and tail of a horse.
The colors of the people of the right are happy and full of life while in contrast death is dark.
The emphasis on this painting is the olympian while having a very minimal background. 
A fishermen out catch dinner is the main focus of this painting while the rolling fog is in the background.
This picture just embodies peacefulness. 
The variety of colors gives a sense of what the artist feels about spring time. I get a sense of sunshine and Easter looking at this painting.
The porportion of the mountains and vegetation gives a sense that the outside is so big compared to the red shirt of the man hiking the trail. 
The contrast of colors from a very pale palate to a bold green gives a sense of a man at a crossroad with a big decision.
Credits: All media
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