This gallery includes paintings, which were made in the 1930’s and 1940’s, of various landscapes that were painted with a surrealistic style to them. This gallery includes paintings that were made through out multiple parts of the world such as: Australia, Wales, Italy, England, Mexico, Russia, Great Britain and The United States.

The Sower is a painting of a landscape that looks like it could be a picture from the bible representing hell. Gleeson was very influenced by the two world wars. In this painting the limbs represent the period that it was it was painted and the limbs represent humanity being out of control. The structure of body parts and what I’m going to describe as demon heads give it a surrealistic feel with they’re organic shape.
The citadel is a painting from the bottom of a tall cliff made from entrails eyes and mouths. The nightmarish cliff is a representation of the chaos of the world from war. This painting has a very surrealistic feel to it, it looks like it came straight from a horrible nightmare. It has a lot of organic lines and shapes.
Eclipse of the Sunflower is a painting of a destroyed landscape and a dark sky with a giant sunflower floating to represent the sun. It has a very surrealistic feel to it because of the low hue and dark colors and most of what’s in it has an organic shape to it.
Portable Island is a painting of a floating square island, which takes the shape similar to a board game, with what look like a tropical forest that is greyed out. Underneath the vegetation is what resembles a blanket coming of to the front of the island. The coloration and design of the island help give it a surrealistic feel.
Battle of Britain is a painting of a winding path that leads to a lake. Above the lake in the sky there are a lot of winding cloud lines created by planes along with a few planes that are crashing down into the ground and lake. The painting has a very warm soft feel to it from the coloring, and the winding path and clouds give a soothing feel to it adding to the surrealistic feel.
The portrait of Luther Burbank is a painting Luther Burbank as a part tree part man hybrid. The roots of the trunk are going into a skeleton, who is also Luther Burbank. In the background are two of Burbank’s hybrids he made. The landscape is painted complimenting colors softly blended into each other giving it a nice surrealistic feel. Probably one of the things that contribute to the surrealistic feel the most is the half man half plant hybrid that is gaining nutrition from his own corpse.
We Inhabit the Corrosive Littoral of Habit is a painting of a face and body on the beach that falling apart along with part of the beach that is dissolving to show brick underneath, which resembles how war corrodes the world and the human mind. It has lot of undulating, organic lines that give it a surrealistic feel
Dans Mon Pays is a painting of a snow covered Russian town at night with a goat in the sky along with another figure and on the ground is a chicken with a man’s head instead of a butt that is being watched by a giant face from within a dark unlit house. The dark colors, organic lines, and unrealistic figures give it a surrealistic feel.
January Full Moon is a painting of a moonlit, snow covered landscape with a barn. It’s hard to see a lot of detail in the barn because majority of the barn is in the shadows. The colors are very deep and dark which make it ominous and kind of dreamlike
Into the Space is a painting of an organic structure that erupts up and bends around to form a loop. There are strips of something that resembles a red ribbon or red fabric on this structure. The organic shape and simplicity of the painting give it a very surrealistic feel.
Credits: All media
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