Art Portfolio

Ryan Dozier

Introducing perspective into painting emerged in the Renaissance. Notice how the buildings in the background appear to be farther away than those up close.
This is a piece from the renaissance. It depicts a secular scene. Also it portrays the beauty of the nude human body.
This is from the Baroque period. The telling factors are the scene at the height of the conflict, as well as the tremendous contrast between light and dark.
The contrast between Eve's pale skin and the darkness behind her shows this piece is from the Baroque period. In the medieval era she would bec lothed, in this one she is meant to be attractive.
This painting is from the Romantic period. Though teh scene is dark, the artist is conveying a somber emotion through the gentle landscape.
The Baroque period had varying subject matter, in this piece it focuses on the drama in tempting the pious with devils, and women. Notice again the contrast in light.
Vermeer was one of the greatest artists from the Baroque period. He has been describes as "painting with light" the vivid colors play well with his use of shading.
The Enlightenment brought forth secular art, in this piece you can see the depiction of an ongoing battle. Notice the bright colors in the center, and the tones become more somber around the edges.
This piece is a great example of the neoclassical style. It portrays its subject with humanist tendancies, but also glorifies him.
The vivid pigments in this painting are more modern, specifically it is impressionalism. the painting does not contain details, but instead focus on capturing the color.
A wonderful example of impressionalism portrayed in a portait. I particularly like the blues in the painting.
One of my favorite paintings of all time. The sky itself is wonderful in it's mix of color. Being able to zoom in and see each brushstroke brings this painting to life.
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