Truths About Human Nature

Human nature is both positive and negative and affects how we live our everyday life.

This painting showed me that even when humans are surrounded by destruction, they still find a way to come together. In Night, the Jews used to sing in the evening to soothe their broken hearts.
Each person in this sculpture has a hardened, distressed look on their face. I chose this because even though they are so upset, they are still together, which shows that humans are capable of care.
In difficult situations, humans often think about themselves before people they love. "He had felt his father growing weaker and, believing that the end was near, had thought by this separation to free himself of a burden that could diminish his own chance for survival.(Wiesel,91)
Even though it looks like the city is under attack, the woman who seems like the leader is not helping. This is her last look upon the city, until she takes safety measures for herself.In Night, Meir killed his father for a slice of bread without thinking.
As humans, we continue to suppress the fear of the inevitable. In this picture, the people seem to be ignoring all of the issues going on around them, like the Jews of Sighet, when they didn't take Moishe the Beadle's warning.
In this painting, everything seems very calm and orderly, until you notice the smoke and fire. This is because the animals show no caution to their surroundings. This reminds me of how the Jews pretended everything in their town was okay and safe.
Things we once loved are easily forgotten or resented. I think the gunman loved the woman, but when he saw her with someone else, he easily replaced his love his hate and anger.
In Night, when Elie didn't hear God speaking to him, he rebelled against him. In this painting, the girl seems to replace her toy on the floor without thinking about it, and picking up the new doll.
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