By Esperanza Herrer

1. Clothes outside are hanging and ripped. 2. Things that surround the house seem to be in poor condition. 3. The house that these people live in seems run down.
1. The amount of trash that surrounds the house. 2. There's furniture outside. 3. Nothing around it seems to be in good running condition.
1. The room seems to be very small. 2. The amount of people in the room. 3. The people in the room don't have any space.
1. The family is in poor conditions. 2. The clothes that they wear don't seemed washed. 3. It looks like they haven't bathed in a while.
1. Have very poor living conditions. 2. The house they live in doesn't seem sturdy. 3. There is garbage surrounding the house.
1. The boy is sleeping on a flight of stairs. 2. Seems like he hasn't bathed. 3. His clothes have holes in them.
1. Both children have very minimal clothing. 2. Neither of them have shoes on. 3. They seem as if they haven't had anything to eat.
1. There is a lot of trash all around them. 2. Both of the people in the image have very minimal clothing on them. 3. Seems as if they haven't showered.
1. Little girl has tears in her clothes. 2. Th.ey have their stuff all in one spot. 3. It seems as if they don't have very much
1. All of the people shown here have tears in their clothes. 2. They have tons of trash surrounding them. 3. They don't look happy.
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